Kelly Nelson Designs

three words

When I meet with clients for the first time, I always ask them to share the three words that best describe the space they hope to create. It goes without saying that our homes should be comfortable and functional.  But more than that, our homes should tell the story of who we are. Your home should reflect you, not your designer.  Successful design is a collaboration where we help you create the home of your dreams.

The three words that best describe who we are and what we do at Kelly Nelson Designs are "elegant, functional and attentive."

elegant design

We are equally at home designing clean-lined minimalism, traditional formality or color-saturated rooms.  The guiding principle that underlies and unites all of our designs is classic elegance. We strive to design pretty, sophisticated spaces that mix new with vintage, hard with soft, and clean lines with curves to create an elegant, timeless look.  Never over-designed, never fussy, never trendy.  Our designs will stand the test of time.....beautifully.

functional design

Have you ever noticed that there are never any messy pets or running children in the rooms featured in those design magazines? That's not real life. Design should not only make your home more beautiful, it should make your life easier. We design spaces that embrace functionality by incorporating the larger context of your home and life. Additional storage, a guest room that does double duty as an office, family friendly fabrics -- our priority is ensuring that your space works for you.

attentive design and service

Detail-oriented design and detail-oriented service. We're all about the details. Whether it's about limiting the number of clients we are working with at any given time, or taking that extra step to make sure that every element of your project exceeds your expectations, client satisfaction is our number one priority. One of the ways we do this is by working with professionals who take pride in creating work that will make you proud -- from the artisans who make our drapes, pillows and custom furniture to our upholsterers, painters and contractors.

Intoxicatingly Beautiful Design